Business Development


Innovation Management

Innovation is more than a great idea and technology development. We will address each of the four key areas: technology, market, organisation and resources. We will apply a proven (and documented) method and build on our experience from the launch of several new energy technologies.

Business Models

We will help you develop a new business model or evaluate your current model. By analysing value chains we can assess how your profits can be optimised. We will look at customer segments, distribution channels, potential partners, critical resources and activities.

Business Plans

A business plan can be an important tool in the development of your company or project. We will help you prepare a business plan for communicating the company strategy clearly, internally as well as externally.

Partner Strategies

Companies are increasingly using partnerships as an integrated part of their business strategy. We will help you find potential partners and help you get the most out of your partnerships.

We will grab the oars for you - and pull our weight