Management Consulting


Decision making

Developing companies are constantly making important decisions. Using a 6-step process from gathering of information over weighing of arguments to making recommendations, we will help you make better decisions - and communicate them clearly.

International Negotiations

Many factors are in play when you are negotiating international agreements. There are cultural, language and legal barriers, and they all have to be addressed properly. Based on many years of international negotiations, we can help you through the negotiation process to ensure the best possible results.

Employee Motivation

We help motivate employees through presentations and dialogue with employees and/or managers. We can also go further in depth and work with the management team or in individual departments of the company.

Conflict Resolution

We will help you manage conflicts - internally or with external partners. Our focus is on minimising the potential negative consequences of a conflict and identifying the elements of a conflict which can be used constructively. We can also act as mediator in conflict resolutions.

We have the experience - and tools to make it happen